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Matthew L. Burr, O.D.
Born in 1965, I grew up the third of four children in an army family.  We lived in many interesting places, including South Korea and Germany.  In the U.S., I've lived in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

My father retired in 1983 to Carlisle and I attended Shippensburg University, graduating in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. 

I took a job at the local Pearle Vision Center, thinking it would keep me going until I found a job in the field I had studied for.  Eventually, I felt that this type of work was more to my liking than journalism, and I ended up working as an optician and manager for five years, while taking extra college courses on the side, to prepare for optometry school.

By 1992, I had completed the courses needed for admission to optometry school, and that fall I started at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia.  My wife Vicki came with me to Philly, and helped support me while I studied.

While in school I received special training in pediatric eye care at The Eye Institute, ocular disease training at Hahnemann University Hospital, and performed laser procedures at the Hafter Light and Laser Institute.

After graduation in May of 1996, I worked for four years for an optometrist in private practice in Carlisle.  I eventually realized that the headache of owning my own business was not for me.

I soon found a good opportunity at Sears Optical.  I'm an independent contractor, which means I'm my own boss--I simply lease my office space and equipment from Sears.  I am pleased with this arrangement, since I can spend most of my time caring for patients, and relatively little on office management and paperwork.

I've filled in at the Lancaster and York Sears Optical offices for vacationing optometrists, but my own offices are now at Boscov's Optical in Camp Hill and Sears Optical in Hanover.

My wife and I live 40 minutes away in Boiling Springs.  We have a daughter and two sons, a cat, and a pug.

In my spare time I enjoy my family's company.  I also like working on my car, astronomy, listening to music, skiing, history, collecting stamps and coins, and powered paragliding.  Currently, I'm finishing off the basement in our house.
Last Updated 4/26/2017