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I offer a number of services to my patients.  Current fees are also listed for these services:

complete eye exams for people of all ages            

contact lens exams                                              

eye disease detection                               

medications for allergies and infections     

treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye)           

removal of foreign objects from the eye

The opticals are open all week, even when I'm not in.  If you need an eyeglasses adjustment or repair, or are picking up an order, the staff can handle that.  They also set up appointments for me and answer your insurance questions.  If you call and there is no answer, either the office has closed for the day, or the staff is very busy with other patients.

I participate with the following insurance plans:

         Eye Med
         Davis Vision
Vision Benefits of America

If you don't see your insurance plan here, keep in mind that there are hundreds of individual plans that fall under the 'Eye Med' or 'Davis Vision' category.  A quick call to the optical department and we can let you know if we participate with your particular plan.

I want you to be completely satisfied with your eye exam.  If you feel your vision is not as clear as you expected, let me know.  I will verify that your eyeglasses and contact lenses were ordered correctly.  I will also recheck your prescription.  All of this is at no charge and with a smile.  If I didn't spend enough time in answering your questions or addressing your concerns, please either give me a call or stop in.  I want you to be completely informed and assured that I did my best for you.

Here you'll find information on my office policies...
$65 basic / $85 advanced

$99-139 (includes 3 months of follow-ups)

included in complete eye exam fee

current pharmacy price

complete eye exam fee + $39 for each follow-up

$79 (includes follow-up)
Services and Fees:
Office Hours:
Insurance Plans:
Matthew L. Burr, OD
Sears Optical
1155 Carlisle Street
Hanover, PA 17331
fax 717-637-1466

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
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Friday     10-4Boscov's Camp Hill
Saturday10-4Sears Hanover
Last Updated 4/26/2017
Matthew L. Burr, OD
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