Update:  Now that the pandemic is easing off, we're not requiring that patients wear masks. If you feel more comfortable doing so, then of course you may. If I see that you're wearing a mask, I'll put one on as well.

With the heavy toll in lives and livelihoods that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought, people are justifiably concerned about what steps medical professionals are taking to reduce the risk. We've implemented a number of changes to make our work environment safe for us and for you.

I'll call off work and reschedule appointments if I'm not feeling well--I did this last November, and ended up with two negative Covid tests, but I'd much rather do that than potentially put you at risk.  

Additionally, I have also installed a plexiglass divider to reduce air exchange at the biomicroscope.  

We're running a HEPA air purifier with internal UV lamp to filter and disinfect the air in the exam room.  

Instead of getting up very close and examining your retinas with hand-held scopes, we're now taking retinal photos--this gives us the same view of the insides of your eyes without having to get so close.  

Finally, I've received the second Pfizer vaccine dose and booster, so I'm at lesser risk of transmitting the virus myself.  

We ask that you do your part by not coming in for your appointment if you have a cough or don't feel well.  We'll reschedule the appointment, and there is no cost for you to do so.  We will also insist that you wear a mask while in the office, and if that is unacceptable to you, we'll wait and see you when the pandemic has subsided.

These changes will allow us to provide the same level of excellent care, while ensuring that we're doing all in our power to keep each other safe.

As an aside, I also ask that you seriously consider getting the vaccine. You are far far more likely to have serious problems if you catch Covid-19 as opposed to receiving the vaccine. You may get a mild headache or soreness after getting the second dose of the vaccine, but this is simply your body's immune reaction kicking in--it does not mean you are getting a Covid infection from the vaccine. There is no live virus in the vaccine.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

As always, thank you for your confidence in us and entrusting us with your care.

--Matthew Burr

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