Can I Wear Contact Lenses?


Most people who are interested in contact lenses can successfully wear them. Oftentimes, I find that patients have misconceptions that keep them from seriously considering this option:

No reflections off of your lenses

No weight on your nose or pulling behind your ears

No fogging up of lenses when going from cold to warm environments

No raindrops on your lenses

No distortion to vision such as with glasses

No frame obstructing your view

Vision can sometimes be clearer with contact lenses than with glasses


Don't let preconceived notions keep you from trying what can be a life-changing experience! In my years of fitting contact lenses, these factors rarely come into play at all!

I will work with you to find the appropriate type of lens to provide clear vision, and comfortable wear. Repeated visits to my office to address any problems you might be experiencing never cost you extra--my initial exam includes contact-related follow-ups for 6 months after the original exam date. I prefer this arrangement--if I charged extra for each visit, I know that some patients might put off coming in to see me--even with an infection or other problem that should really be checked out. So, what's your excuse?