Contact Lens Care Guidelines

 There is no doubt that you are excited about putting those old glasses on the shelf—I have fit thousands of contact lens wearers over the years, and I’ve seen that excitement. By reading and adhering to the following guidelines, you should have many years of successful contact lens wear. 

Remember the cleaning steps. Wash hands, gently rub lenses in the palm of your hand with solution for 20 seconds, and store in disinfecting solution overnight. For disposable lenses, you simply wash hands and store in the solution.

Never wear your contacts while swimming. Even chlorinated water contains germs that can be very dangerous to your eyes. Lakes or streams are even more risky.

Rinse and air-dry your case every day. After you insert your contacts, rinse and air-dry your contact lens case to kill any germs that may have survived disinfection.

Keep your glasses and contact case handy. If your contacts ‘act up’ you’ll need to remove them.

Insert your lenses after hairspray has settled but before applying mascara. Mist from sprays can coat your contacts and be very difficult to remove. Mascara will soil your lenses if the lenses touch your eyelashes on the way in.


We hope this information is helpful to you. This, in addition to one-on-one training with your eye care professional, should provide you with all that you need to become a satisfied contact lens wearer. Remember to see your eye doctor at the first sign of trouble—play it safe with your eyes!


Matthew L. Burr, O.D.