Putting Your Lenses In:

Remove a lens from the case. Set it on the tip of your index finger so that all the edges of the lens are up (no edge is draping down onto your finger). Pull down your lower eyelid with your middle finger.

Look up steadily at a point above you. Place the lens on the lower white of your eye. Slowly pull away your index finger and release lower lid.

Look down. Close your eyes for a moment, and the lens will center itself.

Note: After putting your lenses in, rinse the lens case with solution and allow to air dry.


Taking Your Lenses Out:

Look up and pull down lower eyelid with your middle finger. Place your index finger on the lower edge of your lens.

Slide the lens down to the white of your eye. Squeeze the lens lightly between your index finger and thumb and remove gently. If the edges of your lens stick together, place a few drops of solution on the lens and rub gently until the edges separate.




1. Daily Cleaning--Cleaning loosens dirt, debris and protein from the lens surface.

At the end of the day, remove your lens and place it and a small puddle of solution in the palm of your hand. Gently rub each side of the lens for about 10 seconds.

2. Rinsing-- Rinsing thoroughly washes away loosened dirt, debris and protein from the lens surface.

Remove surface debris by rinsing thoroughly with solution.

3. Disinfecting/Storing--Disinfecting effectively kills microorganisms (germs) on your lenses.

Place cleaned lenses in lens case and fill with fresh solution. Soak for at least 4 hours. Your lenses are then ready to wear again.



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