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    Welcome to my website!  Whether you are in need of an eye exam or just looking up eye and vision information, I'm attempting to make this site as complete as possible to serve your needs.  

     I'm an optometrist practicing in Mechanicsburg and Spring Grove. I've been in practice for 27 years, both in private practice and alongside opticians.  I offer the following services:

             complete eye exams for people of all ages
             contact lens exams
             LASIK consultations and perioperative care
             cataract perioperative care
             eye disease detection
             prescription medications for allergies, infections, 
                    inflammation, and glaucoma
             treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye)
             removal of foreign debris from the eye

My office hours are: 

     More information regarding my practice can be found by using the 'Office Information' link to the left.  You will find insurance plan and fee information.  

     Use the other links to find out about vision, eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye diseases and disorders, and more!
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Dr. Burr's Eye Site

Matthew L. Burr, O.D.

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answers to your more common questions regarding contact lenses
glossary of most of the more common eye terms
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Babineau Opticians
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