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Last Updated 3/20/2018
About Dr. Burr
    Welcome to my website!  Whether you are in need of an eye exam or just looking up eye and vision information, I'm attempting to make this site as complete as possible to serve your needs. 

    I'm an optometrist who's been in practice for 22 years, both in private practice and with Sears and Boscov's Opticals.  Soon I'll be available in Spring Grove and Mechanicsburg as well.  I offer the following services:

            complete eye exams for people of all ages
            contact lens exams
            LASIK consultations and perioperative care
            cataract perioperative care
            eye disease detection
            prescription medications for allergies, infections,
inflammation, and glaucoma
            treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye)
            removal of foreign debris from the eye

My office hours:

     More information regarding my practice can be found by using the 'Office Information' link to the left. 
Glossary of Terms
answers to your more common questions regarding contact lenses
glossary of most of the more common eye terms
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some background information on me
Babineau Opticians (starting April 2)
Sipe Opticians (starting March 21)
Boscov's Optical
Dr. Burr's Eye Site

Matthew L. Burr, O.D.

Darrell M. Sipe Opticians
2030 Thistle Hill Dr.
Spring Grove, PA 17362
(717) 739-8340

Babineau Opticians
5295 E. Trindle Rd.
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Boscov's Optical
170 S. 32nd St.
Camp Hill, PA 17011
(717) 763-1888

--LAST EXAMS March 17th--
--OFFICE CLOSING March 31st--
Sears Optical, North Hanover Mall
Hanover, PA 17331
(717) 637-2072
1/10As you may have heard, Sears is closing the Hanover store in late March. This was sudden and I only found out about it the day before the public announcement. I will continue to see patients at Sears Optical until mid March.
I hope to continue to work in the Hanover area afterward, but that will depend on what options I have at that time. This is sad for me--I've been in Hanover for almost 18 years and I've met and cared for many people over that time.
I will update this site and my facebook page as new developments arise.

2/9I've agreed with Darrell Sipe Opticians to work at their Spring Grove office on Wednesdays starting in late March.  If I'm busy enough, I'll add extra days later.  Not sure yet which vision plans we'll be taking there.

3/7I will be accepting Vision Benefits of America (VBA), and VSP (out of network) in Spring Grove.  Unfortunately, EyeMed declined to sign me on to their panel. Here's the note.  I won't be participating with Davis Vision or NVA either. The optical shop does accept NVA for materials, however. 

3/13Starting at Babineau Opticians in early April.  Unsure about insurance plans at this time.